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9.23.13 by Dov

So, we’ve had a busy summer, what with one new investment and two more to be announced in the next couple weeks.  So, I’m going to use that as an excuse for why it’s taken me this long to announce some amazing new additions to the Allos team.

Julie Whitehead and Chloe Morrical joined us early this summer, as our CFO and associate, respectively.  The advantage of waiting three months to write this post is that I can now say with absolute certainly how awesome they both are (back in June, I would have just been guessing).  They’re both awesome.

You can read their bios (you clicked on the links above, right?), but Julie comes to us with experience at big companies and small, including as a CFO of a venture-backed company, ultimately acquired by VISA.  And Chloe joins us as an Orr Fellow, fresh out of Purdue.  They’re already knee-deep (maybe even waist-deep) in increasing our bandwidth to guide prospective investments more efficiently through our process, as well as supporting our growing list of partner companies.

Shoot them an email to say hi!

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