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Here are some other resources.

Angel groups

If you're too early for an investment by us, these are great folks to talk to. There are many more groups, as well, though these are the largest we're aware of. To find another group, we recommend the Angel Capital Association and their membership directory.


Looking for a place to call home? These facilities offer a variety of general business and startup-specific amenities and knowledge to help you get started.


While some have working space, these folks are more focused on providing specific sets of services (and in some case investments) to help brand, spanking new startups get off the ground.

  • 10x Xelerator - 10-week program in Columbus that includes seed financing, mentors, and access to investors
  • AlphaLab - Bi-annual, 20-week program that provides software companies with access to seed financing, mentors, and investors
  • AlphaLab Gear - See AlphaLab, but for hardware and robotics
  • Awesome, Inc - Not only offers a three-month accelerator program every summer, but also provides co-working space by day
  • The Brandery - a Cincinnati-based, TechStars affiliated, 12-week program that includes seed financing, mentors, and access to investors (recently ranked as a top-10 seed accelerator nationally)
  • Differential - Not really an accelerator, but they offer resources to help Cincinnati companies build their first product, sign their first customer, and more, extremely efficiently
  • Excelerate Labs - Now TechStars Chicago, a top-tier accelerator based in Chicago
  • Idea Foundry - Operates four separate accelerator programs in Pittsburgh, for healthcare/life sciences, entertainment/education, water technology, and social enterprise
  • LaunchHouse - a public-private partnership that fosters entrepreneurial success and job creation through seed capital, education and innovation in the Cleveland area
  • SproutBox - Bloomington-based accelerator offering product development, creative, and business expertise invested in startups in exchange for equity

Development Assistance

Starting a SaaS/mobile company? There are tons of great development resources in the region, but here are some who love working with startups and work cheap (just don't tell them we said that).

  • Developer Town - An Indianpolis-based development firm offering everything from engineering, design, application development, mobile, and tablet application development to venture coaching on topics ranging from agile software development, business strategy, and venture financing.
  • Differential - This Cincinnati-based venture studio helps startups to fill any and all of the typical gaps in their teams, including web design, development, customer acquisition, and coaching around Lean Startup and customer validation.
  • MindBox Studios - A design and development company in Cincinnati, specializing in social web applications, rapid prototyping, web-based software, mobile, and user experience design.

Co-working locations

An alternative to incubators for those seeking lower service levels (and even lower costs), co-working locations are a great alternative for 1- and 2-person startups who want to get out of their basement. These folks fly a little under the radar, so let us know if we're missing any.

State and regional innovation and entrepreneurship programs

Across the midwest, state and local governments and non-profit organizations have created a programs to support entrepreneurs with both funding and a variety of services. For the most up-to-date descriptions of their offerings, check out their websites.

Regional Venture Fairs

These can be a great place to meet investors and other entrepreneurs. Two of our favorites are

Other Industry Information Resources

Here's a collection of random other places you might find some helpful info.