Building high-growth tech companies in the heart of the Midwest. 



We use what we've learned to help build successful companies.


More than fifty years of experiences have taught us to take a hands-on approach to venture capital investing. From the number of investments we make, to the geography we cover, to the industries and entrepreneurs we invest in, there is a vision and reason behind everything we do.

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Allos means different. This is what different means to us.


What we do

✓ Use our 50+ years of lessons to help bring you success

✓ Respond thoughtfully and promptly

✓ Attend board meetings and be available when you need us

✓ Stay out of your way while you run your company

✓ Help you build a winning investor syndicate


What we don't do

X Treat term sheets as starting points for future negotiation

X Show up late for board meetings

X Sit on dozens of company boards

X Hand you off to an inexperienced associate

X Ask what your company does at board meetings





We focus on industries we know well. No-brainer, right? We like to think we don’t make a lot of mistakes, but we’re happy to share what we’ve learned from the ones we did make. 



“Early” means you have an existing product or service (and revenue) beyond the pilot stage. You might still be a few years away from profitability, but companies who have it all figured out are no fun to work with.



We generally invest within a 5 hour drive of our offices – even if it means pushing the speed limit a bit. That makes it possible for us to show up and be helpful whenever a face-to-face meeting would be helpful to you.



We are lead investors, which means we will deliver a term sheet and help you build an investor syndicate, rather than expressing interest while waiting for a lead to show up and do the heavy lifting. And we typically invest $1 to $1.5 million in a $3 to $6 million initial financing, and hold additional reserves for follow-on investments.

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